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Kids Dentistry

Taking a child to the dentist can be daunting especially if the child is very young or if you have a fear of the dentist. At Q Court Dental Studio, we encourage you to bring your children from as early an age as possible, so that they can get to know our child friendly dental team and get used to the different parts of the surgery. Our aim is to offer a welcoming and relaxed environment to all the family from the youngest to the oldest.
Our experienced dentisits & dental therapists are all fully supportive of the Childsmile programme and will take away any scary element of treatment by explaining what is happening and using toys to demonstrate. Of course, every good child will get a sticker at the end of their visit.

Look after your child’s teeth

Not only does a child need teeth to smile and eat with, a nice smile can do wonders for their confidence. The best way to ensure your children keep their teeth clean is to build it into their daily routine from early childhood. 
At Q Court Dental Studio we recommend gentle brushing with a pea sized amount of childrens toothpaste as soon as the first teeth break through. We would advise all parents and carers to help children brush their teeth with gentle circular movements until they are 7 years old.
Our team are always happy to talk to you about all aspects of looking after your child's teeth.

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